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12 character muscles // Forgiveness January


As a Personal Trainer, and general fitness freak I’ve focused a lot on my physical health and bodily muscles.  But long before this I was interested in my character, in fact at 22 I proudly declared to my 38 year old coworker that I was more interested in my character than my career.  I’m pretty certain she thought I was the strangest 22 year old she’d ever met and proceeded to call me “Young Jedi”.  Anyway.  A friend of mine leads a fitness and leadership program called PayanX.  In his leadership program he talks about 12 character muscles: Forgiveness; Gratitude; Self-awareness; Self-control; Social-awareness; Passion; Curiosity; Ingenuity; Love; Resilience; Optimism and Heroism.

So this year I’m joining him, and many others, to focus on one muscle a month.  Unfortunately I only just started so I missed forgiveness January, but thankfully I’m about to start gratitude February so I am grateful that there will be another January (or sooner) to work on forgiveness.  However, what I have learned about forgiveness, from either ignoring it or swallowing my pride, is that it is so necessary for over all health.  Unforgiveness will eat away at you and it will only harm you and not the perpetrator.  Forgiveness is not for the other person but it’s for us and to help us see again.  To see ourselves and the other person for who we truly are.  Forgiveness, like the other characteristics we will go through, is a choice.  It’s not natural to forgive people who have hurt or wronged you and so like all these muscles we are to grow them to strengthen them.  We need to practice and cultivate an attitude of forgiveness, along with all these other characteristics.  If you want to find out more on forgiveness click here

Come back each month to see how on refining, strengthening and deepening these character muscles, and if you like give it a go too!


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