Month: January 2015


12 character muscles // Forgiveness January

As a Personal Trainer, and general fitness freak I’ve focused a lot on my physical health and bodily muscles.  But long before this I was interested in my character, in fact at 22 I proudly declared to my 38 year old coworker that I was more interested in my character than my career.  I’m pretty certain she thought I was the strangest 22 year old she’d ever met and proceeded to call me “Young Jedi”.  Anyway.  A friend of mine leads a fitness and leadership program called PayanX.  In his leadership program he talks about 12 character muscles: Forgiveness; Gratitude; Self-awareness; Self-control; Social-awareness; Passion; Curiosity; Ingenuity; Love; Resilience; Optimism and Heroism. So this year I’m joining him, and many others, to focus on one muscle a month.  Unfortunately I only just started so I missed forgiveness January, but thankfully I’m about to start gratitude February so I am grateful that there will be another January (or sooner) to work on forgiveness.  However, what I have learned about forgiveness, from either ignoring it or swallowing my …


Welcome Note

Hi, welcome to Rawroots.  I appreciate you stopping by.  This site is about developing the roots you need to take up all you need to grow and sustain you.  Its come out of place of me having Chronic Fatigue since 2009 and moving through adrenal fatigue to get back to a healthy balance.  If you want to know more click on about or if you want to know more of how my chronic fatigue affected my life read my story.  There are three elements which make us all up, physical, spiritual and emotional.  If you’re more interested in your physical side right now – exercise, nutrition, the physical body – then click here.  If you’d rather explore how our emotions impact and affect the rest of our body then look here.  But if you’d rather start by exploring your spiritual side and it’s connection to health then click here. Wherever you choose to go first this is a journey for all of us and I hope that you not only stick with me, but with …