Month: December 2015


How to help minimise stress and fatigue at Christmas

Christmas is always a mixed bag. Most people are never quite sure what Christmas will bring. It brings excitement and joy, traditions, sugar filled coffees, lights, festivities, friends, family, gifts, and parties as well as too much food, alcohol and just too much of everything that comes with the season. The mere thought of Christmas can quickly elevate our stress levels. The holidays are filled with extra activities which we feel bound to take part in, not only so we don’t let other people down but so we don’t let ourselves down and we can say we had a ‘fun-filled’ Christmas.  By the time the Christmas break comes, most people are already tired, stressed, juggling overloaded schedules and finding little time for themselves. Add the holiday extras and there seems no space to breathe. Here are some small steps to help minimise stress and fatigue. 1. Go easy on yourself Part of the stress and fatigue at Christmas comes from high expectations. There are people to see, places to go, gifts to buy and parties …