Month: October 2016


Easy like Sunday morning

If you’ve been hanging around this blog for any amount if time, I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve had chronic fatigue for 7 years.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we all get tired, but it’s a different kind of tired (check this out to know more).  I’ve been doing pretty well for a little while now, which can lead to an over excitement and a slippery slope into doing too much.  I thought I’d been balancing everything pretty well until yesterday. I’d woken up, at a good hour for me, had breakfast and was heading on a walk with my house mate.  Immediately I felt tired, and I know this kind of tired.  We arrived home from the walk and I instantly needed a nap.  I tried to fight it but within an hour I was out.  This proceeded two more times throughout the day.  What had gone wrong? Why was this happening? I’d been doing so well and now three naps in one day. The answer is, I don’t really know what happened.  There …