Month: January 2017



Peers are my nemesis, slightly awkward being a single 30 something in London… I know. Who doesn’t have a few social faux pas in their closet right?! Or awkward social tendencies?! Socially awkward tendencies can potentially be hilarious, however they are more likely to be hilariously painful.  Along with that goes the pain of not being able to take our place at the table (metaphorically and physically).  Approaching an environment, pulling up a pew, embracing the community around the table can be difficult if we view the world in stereotypes, if we try to fit ourselves into that mould and if we, ultimately, view ourselves as different. We long to belong, we long to be loved and known, to have friends and companions around us who know us fully, and we feel fully alive with them.  Yet, why doesn’t my life look like this? Why can’t I reach this idillic image I have?  One problem is trying to fit in, as opposed to belonging. Brene Brown puts it like this, “Fitting in is assessing situations …