Month: February 2017


3 Ways to become more Holy

If it weren’t for all the fluorescent trainers, patterned running pants and fitness apps on my phone, I’d think I was unfit.  These are clearly markers of my physical health – therefore, I’m doing well. I don’t know about you, but I often live in an envy/failure/guilt/repeat cycle. I see someone with a figure I want, strength I want, ability I want (usually on social media). I try to achieve this, fail spectacularly, feel horrifically useless as a human being, before even broaching the negative emotions toward my body that got me in this place. Then I start all over again, as I see another stunning figure I want. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, we are a culture that claims the outward body is the sum of our identity. Although as Christians it’s probably a good idea to not root our identity in anything other than being fully loved and known by Jesus, we unfortunately do it. A lot. ‘The body’ within Christianity’s history has been pulled apart so much that it’s difficult to know where we stand. …