Rawroots is about empowering people to seek their ‘wellness’ through physical, spiritual and emotional health.

This includes how we look after ourselves through exercise and food, engaging with our interests, engaging with people, our thoughts, habits, behaviours, the check points we have to keep our rhythms and the sign posts we have to know when we’ve derailed.  Being open and aware to the patterns in our life which bring us life and death are important for our overall healing within all three of these areas to bring a balanced sense of ‘wellness’.

The title RawRoots came from my experience of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) since 2009. Learning to reach beyond my tiredness to face other surface issues including; eating disorders, body dismorphia, anger, emotional detachment, relationship issues, shame and guilt to a place where I could find the true root of these problems and pull them out, so to speak.  Although I write a fair amount about managing and overcoming CFS, this should not isolate people.  We’ve all experienced being tired and the same ideas and solutions can be applied to everyone’s health and wellness.

By working through my story, in relationship with people, I have started to discover the situations and emotions in my life which stop me from being truly alive and present.  This blog is a place for me to blog my thoughts, experiences and interactions with deciding to get raw to get real and to get to the roots.  It’s been tough, and continues to be tough, but I’m convinced it’s the only way to move from an overrun and tired existence, to one of energy and clarity.