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How super are “Superfoods”?

In recent years the promotion of the “Superfood” has been evident not only in health circles but in wider spheres, reaching the general population. “Superfoods” are essentially foods which are deemed highly nutrient dense and they have recently become much more widely available.  The spotlight has turned suddenly to them and they’ve been paraded out in all their glory  to trample on the mere, less ‘superior’, everyday foods in a multi coloured display of anti-oxidants, vitamins, omega-3s and other bioactive compounds.  One might think they’d been hiding out together in an underground “super food” convention waiting to reveal themselves to the world.  Also of note is that most of them came emerged from some far off country which makes them even more “super”.  However, what wasn’t thought through before they emerged from this underground meeting was what really any of that means and why have they just become so prevalent?! There’s been a lot of controversy over said food group with many people stating that it is simply a marketing tool.  The effects of these …