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We are our Choices

Jean-Paul Sartre had it it right when he said “We are our choices”. One of the greatest problems I come across in my job is people choosing to exercise and eat well.  It just doesnt come naturally to some people and a lot of us want all of the benefit but with no effort.  We are either a slave or a master to our choices.  You either have them under control or you don’t.  For the past 5-6 years I have not always had my choices under control and that’s no ones fault but mine.  I felt pushed and pulled to make decisions which ultimately were not healthy for me, I lived out of a place where choices had the potential to cripple me and really I was the only one stopping my choices from being healthy.  The thing with choices is that whatever we decide, we need to live with that and realise that our choices create actions which create consequences.  Sure, sometimes the consequences really can’t be seen but on the whole the …