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Sugar: The good, the bad and the ugly

As a kid there was no downside, nothing negative about sugar; it was only good in my eyes. I was the ‘Candy Queen’ (for those non-Brits the ‘Candy King’ is a pick ‘n’ mix sweet station at the cinema. Now I’ve explained you can see the level of humour we’ll reach). I could comfortably finish the biggest bag of pick ‘n’ mix during a film, or otherwise, with seemingly zero consequences. A bag of marshmallows – annihilated. A giant Toblerone – not a problem. Re-sealable chocolate bags – why would you do that?! A dessert, or anything sweet, was obviously to be consumed. Sugar to me was a friend; a warm comforting friend. I stayed active, running a lot, cycling, playing football and competing in athletics, so all that sugar got burned off. That was, until the teenage years, when hormones kicked in and I was less active – this was when ‘the sugar hit the fan’. I had multiple diabetes tests and episodes of passing out (all linked, I now believe, to too much …


I need your help….

As far as I see it, if you’re on this site and have been looking around, then you are now part of the rawroots community which means you get to input.  Although a lot of this comes from my story and experiences, and ongoing story and experiences and although I have a lot of ideas for posts I would love to hear if there is anything specific you would like to know.  It can be related to any aspect of your health, whether it be a workout theory, nutrition tips, to how our brain and digestive system have so much affect on our bodies, to can my emotions make me sick, does my spiritual life really affect me physically and emotionally, or simply what is spiritual health.  Then please drop me a line and I will do my best to post about these issues and thoughts and I look forward to the conversations that may begin.