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12 Character Muscles // Self – Awareness March

March I’ve always been fairly self-aware.  At 16 I took myself along to counselling because, well, isn’t that what any 16 year old does?! I’ve always been a thinker, I’ve pondered and reflected, sometimes to my own detriment.   But what this month has made me question is what I am doing with all this self-awareness?  Having found flaws, characteristics and deep rooted issues, what am I doing about them?  I have a tendency to self-obsess over my faults and issues and to remain stuck there.  What March has taught me is how to start moving forward out of these and actually make progress with my self-discovery.  Unsurprisingly a lot of these character muscles work together and so forgiveness and gratitude have helped climb out of my self-made mires.  Forgiveness towards myself and past situations and thankfulness for what I’ve come through, what I’ve learned and where I’m going. Joy, hobbies and friends have also a key factor in growing in this area.  These traits work together to build health and all can be cultivated.  …